GTA trilogy remastered

GTA trilogy remastered

The GTA Trilogy remastered might be in works :

After months of rumours, some sources have revealed that rockstar working on the Remastered version of GTA Trilogy might be real and might get released this fall on multiple platforms including switch.

Last year Rockstar’s parent company announced that rockstar games had three remasters in development, there have been a lot of rumours about the teased remasters, However, some sources recently revealed the three titles are classic PS2 Grand Theft Auto trilogy I.e GTA-3, GTA-Vice City and GTA-San Andreas. These sources also confirmed that the games are in the final stage of development, As per records, these sources had already confirmed updates on Red Dead Online and GTA-Online weeks in advance.

As per sources all three games are been remastered in Unreal Engine so the chances of remasters looking Gorgeous are very high, sources also confirmed  All three of these games will be a mix of “new and old graphics”, One source also confirmed that it looks like a highly modded version the classic title, They also claimed that UI will be updated but will have the same classic style.

Sources claimed that Rockstar Dundee, a Scottish branch and one of the newest studios at the company, is leading the charge on developing the remastered games. Before becoming Rockstar Dundee, the studio was Ruffian games and had previously worked on Crackdown 2, Crackdown 3 and assisted with development on the Master Chief Collection and also helped in the development of next-gen GTA-5.

The games were previously planned to be given to the player who purchased new-gen GTA and RDR as a “Thank you” gift, However, plans changed also the trilogy was supposed to be released earlier this year but the development was delayed due to pandemic. As per resources, the games are planned to launch around late October or early November for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, PC, Stadia, and mobile phones, Among which PC and Mobile phone versions might release later, As per sources rockstar also plans to release Red Dead Redemption remake which depends on the sales of the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy.

After the rumours, many people are confusing remaster with the remake, so I want to clear the difference between a remaster and a remake. For starters a Remake is Building a classic game again from scratch with modern technology, Remakes generally have a huge difference in graphics compared to the original version, Remakes can also have a change in the combat system, UI and even story, Remakes can also change the type of game, for example, a 2-D platformer game can be remade into a 3-D open-world game a recent example of a remake would be final fantasy 7.As for Remaster, It is upgrading an old classic game with modern technology, Remasters generally involve adding HD textures, foliage, trees and updating the UI, Remasters may also involve the addition of new side quest and features the difference between graphics of original and remaster is less compared to a remake, Skyrim special edition is an example of a remaster.

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